Inzitan And Back

Inzitan And Back

The Inzitan is an injectable drug that is used with some frequency in the treatment of acute ailments of the back. Let’s see what it is that contains the syringe that we are going to inject into the gluteus:

– Dexamethasone. It is a corticoid. In particular it is the most powerful corticosteroid that exists. It has an anti-inflammatory action. To understand the pros and cons of corticoids I invite you to read the last post in which I talked about these substances.

– Lidocaine. It’s an anesthetic.

– Vitamins B1 and B12. They are administered for their participation in the manufacture of substances essential for nerves.

The first question that could strike anyone is why do you need all these substances? Let’s try to explain it:

Inzitan And Back– If we have sciatica it is assumed that damage to the nerve may be occurring. As the nerves need among other things vitamins B1 and B12, these are added to the medicine. They are necessary? In the vast majority of people do not. People who have a more or less balanced diet and do not suffer diseases that prevent the absorption of these vitamins will have sufficient deposits in your body. In most people there would be no problem in prickling these vitamins even if they do not need them, but there are cases where it can be harmful (diseases such as gout and polycythemia vera, for example).

– Lidocaine is an anesthetic that is added to the syringe so it does not hurt the prick. This can be dangerous in allergy, of course, but also in people with diseases of the liver, heart or epileptics, for example.

– Dexamethasone is a powerful anti-inflammatory of the family of corticosteroids that we talked about in the previous post. If you read this post you can understand the risks it has.

Done this short summary I will add some analysis and opinion. It is a very practical medicine for its injectable form and easy to guide for the days following the emergency visit, but I see many inconveniences:

– There are many possibilities of allergy reactions. Lidocaine and dexamethasone have allergies among the population, you cannot ignore this. In addition, the injection carries an excipient (polysorbate 80) that could cause hypersensitivity.

– It has many contraindications if we add all the components of the injection, in addition to interactions with other drugs.

Having said that, is it worth to use Inzitan in acute low back pain? There are several things to analyze. The first is that medical publications question the effectiveness of the corticosteroids themselves in uncomplicated lumbar conditions. The clinical experience of the day to day we see that the Inzitan relieves the pain but it must be taken into account that most of the acute low back pain heals alone in 2 weeks. In addition, there are no damaged nerve structures in low back pain and there is no reason to prescribe vitamins. So, is it worth the risk we take with the drug? Can we handle pain with safer drugs while giving up pain naturally? I think the answer may be different in each case. I personally prefer not to use this preparation. When I think that corticosteroids should be given, I prescribe pills that only carry corticosteroids and allow me to better manage the doses that I want to use (Inzitan takes a dose determined by prick and cannot be varied). If I think that vitamins should be given, I give vitamins.

In short, the Inzitan can be a useful drug that relieves pain in certain back problems but it is a preparation with which you have to be very careful and greatly value the risk-benefit.

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