5 Whimsical Vegetable Recipe

5 whimsical vegetable recipes: presentation

5 whimsical vegetable recipes: presentation

Vegetables are an undeniable food in our diet. Of all is known the multiple benefits that contribute us, but the quantity that we consume on a daily basis are often insufficient. Now that we are getting acquainted, you know that I love the recipes that, while they are capricious, are also healthy and rich. Today I will present 5 recipes with vegetables that, by their presentation, are really surprising.

I want to point out that the term vegetable refers to green leafy vegetables, but by extension we call vegetables, in general, the set of vegetables that are grown in the garden.

I thank the colleagues of Red Facilísimo who have lent me their recipes to elaborate this compilation so rich. I remind you that to access each of the recipes you must click on their name.

5 whimsical vegetable recipes: presentationCompilation: 5 whimsical vegetable recipes

For starters we can prepare a rich   potato stuffed with tuna. Its elaboration is very simple and the result is spectacular. Bake whole baked potatoes. Then they are opened, emptied and prepared a filling with potato, canned tuna, tomato and cheese. Put the filling in each of the potato chips and gratin with grated cheese until they take on a nice golden color. I assure you that they are irresistible. I also leave you videotape to prepare them is the simplest.

To continue, I want to propose this Lasagna of eggplant to the Bolognese. It’s really easy to prepare. First prepare a Bolognese sauce by sauté the minced meat in a frying pan and, once golden, prepare a generous sauce with tomato, garlic, onion and carrot, which is seasoned with oregano, parsley and pepper. You add the wine and, once the alcohol is reduced, you already have the Bolognese sauce ready. Then the lasagna is already mounted alternating layers of fried aborigine to slices with layers of Bolognese sauce. Once prepared, cover with béchamel and grated cheese and put in the oven until the cheese is browned.

Mushrooms to the garlic of the blog!! To cook! They are an authentic wonder.

Now it’s the turn of the zucchini. I present these Calabacinos au gratin. The zucchini are emptied, leaving the whole boats. Then the filling is prepared by frying onion and zucchini meat in a frying pan with butter. Incorporate the flour and milk and, once this rich béchamel is finished, season with salt, pepper and nutmeg. The tuna is added. Fill the little boats and cover with grated cheese. They are introduced to the oven and once gratin the cheese, this delicious dish is already ready to serve.

And in the end I’ll leave you this rich salty pie. It’s a spinach quiche with ham. A sheet of broken dough is baked in a quiche pan. Meanwhile, prepare a filling with evaporated milk, cheese, spinach, ham, eggs and a little cornstarch. Beat all the ingredients. Once the dough is baked, it is filled with the mixture and brought to the oven to cook. Once the cake is browned, you are ready to serve. I assure you that they will not leave even the crumbs. Also with videotape to see how I prepare it.

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