The 5 Most Common Mistakes When Dieting

The 5 Most Common Mistakes When Dieting

Recently, to be more exact last week, news of a study was published that claimed that 81% of american have failed to diet. The XLS Medical survey conducted analyzed the factors of success and failure in the attempt to lose weight.

Taking these numbers into account I think the correct thing is to ask what is happening so that there is such a failure rate and for obesity data to continue to increase.

Therefore, if you are considering going on a diet to lose a few pounds and to improve your health, there are certain reasons that I often see that can increase your numbers to fail in the attempt. The following are the five most common mistakes when dieting:

The 5 Most Common Mistakes When Dieting1) Diet as parentheses:

It is a mistake to consider the diet as a process that you must pass to lose a few kilos. It should not be something that stands and holds for a few months to get your goal and then go back to what you did previously.

The diet, or the period in which you do diet, should serve you to learn a new way of eating and not only that, but how to organize with your food, such as going on a trip or spending a Christmas enjoying but not taking a few extra kilos Or how to lightly cook tasty dishes (Yes you can! I swear there is something beyond the grilled chicken and the vegetable boiled in a diet).

Weight should not be your goal, but changing your habits will change your weight. In addition, if diet finally helps you change your eating habits, once you reach the weight you want, you will continue to perform a good diet and, therefore, avoid the dreaded rebound effect.

2) Eat little:

We agree that if we reduce the calories of the diet this helps us to lose weight but the mistake that people usually make is to think that the fewer calories the better.

The truth is that if we go hungry we have less ability to choose correctly what we are going to eat and it is usually end up pecking between hours with what we lose on the one hand we recover for another. Also if you practice physical exercise combined with diet, which is always the most appropriate, a very low calorie intake will not allow you to perform properly so you end up spending less.

3) Listen to friends, the baker, the neighbor of the fifth, etc:

The virtue of listening is highly valued. I will not tell you not to listen to others but at least do not always listen to them.

With food we have the problem that, as everyone eats, everyone knows about nutrition. Nutrition is a recurring theme in the day to day and the truth is that I love that people are interested in this subject but, the beliefs about food that are hanging around and that I hear every day in the consultation (not Eat fruit for dessert, do not drink water at meals, do not take carbs at night, etc.), they are not true and can lead to an unbalanced diet.

In addition, people tend to have what I call a selective listening. That is to say, if by way of example a friend tells you that you should not take lettuce at night that retains liquids (myth!) And that you do not take cured cheese every day because it is fattening and, you love cured cheeses but the Lettuce or fu or fa, we usually have the strange tendency to abandon the lettuce and continue to take the cheese day if day as well. For this it is always good to have a professional that sets the guidelines and accompanies us and motivates us in the process.

4) Read books or watch TV a lot:

No. Reading books is not bad, it’s more to me personally I love, but quoting Albert Goday, president of SEEDO “Books are good for literature but not for losing weight.” And I add that the vast majority of books on the market to lose weight are not at all recommendable.

The same thing happens with television, dieticians-nutritionists we often pull hair by hearing the dietary advice given in some programs (not at all evidently) about what is most appropriate for weight loss. Remember that celebrities and presenters also eat and, as in the previous case, this makes them already know a lot about nutrition (irony).

5) Drop the responsibility on a product:

Apart from the fact that the wonderful properties that advertise the products for slimming are not usually such, what usually happens is that if you take a product we accustom ourselves to relax thinking that that is what will make you lose weight and not your diet, and therefore , You give yourself permission for some extra whims.

You have to be clear that what will help you lose weight will be, as I said before, a change of habits and a correct diet. Focus on that and forget about a magic pill that if that pill existed, we would have already known. I guarantee you.

Therefore, if you are thinking about losing weight and, even more so, if you accompany this weight loss with exercise, I recommend that in order for your chances of success to be greater try to look for reliable information, tackle the diet as a change of habits and not As a simple process and, if possible, that you go to a dietitian-nutritionist who can accompany you in the process, helping you with the motivation and teaching you what is true or not in all those claims about weight loss that go around .

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