5 Things You Must Try To Get Rid Of Your Negative Emotions

5 Things You Must Try To Get Rid Of Your Negative Emotions

This weekend I was facilitating a workshop to transform bad emotional habits. It was another experience full of discoveries and changes for all.

People without exception have concerns about how to channel their anger, their anger, their disappointment, and accumulate much suffering for not knowing how to do it. We need to harmonize what we think, what we feel, but especially how we express it. And, what is our most frequent mistake?

We do not stop to listen to ourselves, and less to our own body!

Did you know that every thought and emotion that passes through your mind immediately generates a biochemical reality in your body?

Yes, our body speaks to us. And not only that, science has discovered that constructive ideas and positive emotions are associated with a mixture of neuropeptides and hormones other than those that generate stress, fear or anger.

Something is clear: all this body energy current needs to leave the body in one way or another. But this is often not the case.

5 Things You Must Try To Get Rid Of Your Negative EmotionsThe workshop participants showed a kind of resignation, frustration and bad habits associated with these negative emotions with which they had finally resigned to living together.

But, can you live with something like that? What kind of existence can you carry? How can we receive these negative emotional states in a healthy way?

As Viktoras Kulvinskas, health educator at Hippocrates Institute, when you are swimming in a sea of ​​endomorphins, testosterone and estrogens you can use that energy in different ways: you can become addicted to stress, food, tobacco, sex, Drugs, etc. You may want to attack your partner, your friends or your loved ones or you can use all that energy to motivate yourself to change and love you more.

Ideas to get it:

Start an activity that includes relaxation: These spaces of deliberate reflection, will help to realize that we have a body that speaks to us and that has needs of oneself or others.

Transform that energy so powerful into stories, poetry, and music: Not everyone has that ability but writing, painting or other forms of your creativity will help you to channel that need for inner expression.

Learn more about yourself: In the Delphic oracle you read something like “know yourself and you will understand the world …” Take advantage of your negative energy as an alarm to listen and learn through experience. If your partner has gone with your best friend you can lament and lash against her or else you can ask yourself: what did I do at the subconscious level to trigger that event? what did not want to see ?, what positive result can be for me That situation?

Emotions are not positive or negative, it is our attitude and how we handle them that give rise to one or another end result in our life.

Move: Most of our negative emotions are interconnected with some event from our past and one of the best ways to process, release, and heal that stagnant energy in us is to get moving.

Move your body! I do not mean just exercise. I mean EXPRESS your emotions, to help that energy come out. Anything will help you, whether it’s dancing, swimming, singing, talking to friends…

It is this mental and physical fitness that can activate your immune system so that it can digest the bad vibrations of negative emotions. Put that negative emotion in motion and it will become positive.

Love yourself: Needless to say, there is a component of rejection of oneself when we live the negativity of our emotions. The action of looking with compassion and love of oneself can work wonders in our lives and help us to be more compassionate with others. In the end, being loved makes you a better person and happier.

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