The Use Of Cryotherapy To Rejuvenate Or Lose Weight In The United States

The Use Of Cryotherapy To Rejuvenate Or Lose Weight In The United States

Cryotherapy has been used for years for health problems related to inflammation and pain.

In fact, in the United States many elite athletes use these techniques to recover from injuries and fracture more quickly.

Today the idea is being disseminated that it is not only good for this but also serves to rejuvenate the skin and to lose weight quickly.

It must be said that according to studies there is no evidence that none of this works but people are using these systems every time, especially in the USA.

To this day cryotherapy was mostly used for pain. But now it also serves to lose weight and rejuvenate and this is what is dividing the scientists of the United States.

The new trend in clinical treatments employs cryotherapy or cryosuna . It consists of large steel cylinders in which the patient sits and has only the head left outside the cylinder. The person should go there wearing only gloves, underwear and socks. Then they give the button to start the machine and they cover the whole body for a cloud of gas that is at -150 ° C. The treatment takes about 3 minutes.

And what benefits does this extreme therapy provide according to the experts who are in favor?

  • It allows the healing of chronic pain.
  • It works to combat osteoporosis.
  • Helps cure asthma.
  • Decreases sexual desire.

It would initiate metabolic processes that help you lose weight quickly.

The Use Of Cryotherapy To Rejuvenate Or Lose Weight In The United StatesImproves mood.

The truth is that in the United States this practice has in its favor a lot of celebrities like the stars of LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal.

“It is a resource that was already in use 40 years ago but in different ways. After training, the football teams prepared two tanks, one of cold water and another hot water, where they submerged players for a few minutes, “recalled Piero Volpi, orthopedic and orthopedic surgeon at the Humanitas Institute of Milan who was part of the team Of Inter.

According to criotherapists, this treatment is nothing more than the use of new technologies that do the same as ice baths practiced for millennia by different populations to treat inflammation, bone pain and other diseases.

The application of low temperatures for therapeutic purposes nowadays is used locally for the treatment of some diseases such as rheumatic arthritis. A study published in the 2014 in Expert review of Clinical Immunology showed some effectiveness of cryotherapy in patients suffering from arthritis Rheumatoid. The study, carried out by reviewing previous research in 257 (few) patients, concluded that cold causes a reduction in intra-articular temperature that could regulate various mediators involved in the inflammatory process.

However, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which is the US agency that oversees medications, therapies and health issues, does not recognize any benefit in these cold baths. Especially in terms of its rejuvenating and slimming effects. There are no clear effects on the metabolism and weight loss being discussed.

There is also no scientific evidence of its effectiveness against asthma or decreased sexual desire. It does not even help treat depression and mood or at least it has not been proven.

But as for tastes, colors, there are also detractors. There are people who claim that they have left the cryosuna with skin burns, with scabs and even with freezing symptoms.

Our internal temperature is approximately 37 ° C. If we reach about 27 ° C there may be cardiac arrest.

Our advice to the lack of scientific evidence and seeing that more centers are opened worldwide is that before going to the criosauna you submit to a thorough medical examination to certify that you can withstand this type of treatment.

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