What Is Your Hair Saying To You?

What Is Your Hair Saying To You

Your hair can be a good sign to know if you are healthy or not and if you follow a healthy lifestyle or rather the opposite.

¬†Surely cannot see at first glance but if a is analysis of your hair. What’s more, not only could you tell us how old you are but even if you have certain diseases like anxiety, insomnia, osteoarthritis, anemia … so it’s an indicator of your health.

 It is also perfect to know if your body accumulates many heavy metals or not.

Your lifestyle is reflected in your hair, what you eat, what you drink cosmetics you use, the climate where you live, etc. Everything affects the state of the hair and everything is reflected in its appearance. And not only at the moment, but if you now take and do a hair analysis, you can detect your lifestyle for up to 12 months before. All that is missing and what you eat in your healthy habits can be detected

What Is Your Hair Saying To YouYour head is covered with hair, and 90% of them are growing daily at a rate of 1 cm each month (it grows 0.2 cm each passing day). The rest, 10% does not grow. When the hair leaves the hair follicle outwards, that is, that you can see in the head, it already contains the minerals and substances that carries the blood. And when the hair becomes strong within the growth stages, it is when it makes the elements that reach it last in time, and that is why we can detect them even after a year has passed since the contact between substance and hair.

The hair is formed largely by what we eat. It is necessary to take into account that 80% of the hair is formed thanks to the proteins that we ingest of the dairy, the vegetables, the meat and the eggs above all. In addition there are important vitamins that are fixed in the hair as vitamins A, B, C, E and K.

The other things you will get :

  • Where we can find vitamin A : eggs, milk, cod liver, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, broccoli …
  • Vitamin B is also obtained from eggs and milk, although we can find it in other foods such as brewer’s yeast, lemons, Oranges, parsley or royal jelly.
  • Vitamin C is not only found in oranges but also in onions, cucumbers, cabbages, bananas, strawberries, parsley …
  • As for vitamin E it is good to eat carrots, soybeans, bananas, blackberries, apples, plums, of wheat and avocados to catch it.
  • If you eat lettuce, celery, spinach, parsley and soybean oil you will have enough vitamin K for your hair.

When you analyze your hair you look at the metals that are fixed in it and that can indicate later diseases. But it is not an exact science, it thinks that there are ingredients like sugar, fat or proteins that do not get fixed in the hair and then would not be detected in a hair analysis.

If you eat properly and follow a balanced diet your hair will shine and you will look healthy and shiny, strong and silky. However, when you do not feed properly is when your hair looks bad, without shine.

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