Freekeh As Good As They Say?

Freekeh As Good As They Say

Cyclically appear natural products or foods that are attributed exceptional properties. Obviously these are products more or less known throughout history, but for one reason or another acquire relevance at specific times. One of them, that in the last years has gained notoriety, is the Freekeh (pronuncialo or Friki) of which they spoke wonderful, we are going to know a little more of this food.

Freekeh as good as they say?

Do not expect an exotic grain or something similar, in fact we are faced with a different way of harvesting wheat that is why this food is also known as green wheat. So this is the first thing that you have to keep in mind, it is a food based on the harvest before time of the wheat.

Once collected the Freekeh undergoes a drying process and then toasting. From that moment on it is consumable. One of the great values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are associated with this food is the contribution of fiber. For example; the green wheat for each 100 g contributes 16 g of fibers, if we compare it with the quinoa for example we see that this one adds only 5 g of fibers of each 100 g, whereas in the case of rice this contribution would be inferior to the 4 G.

Freekeh As Good As They SayWith this in mind we already know something very important: it is a food that offers a feeling much satiating superior to the one of others, and at the same time by its contribution in fibers, is a very adequate food to improve the intestinal functioning. All this together, points towards a product used and adapted for the diets of slimming.

However, there are other things we have to keep in mind. On the one hand the low glycemic index that it presents. The fiber exerts some form of filter for the entry of glucose at the blood level, makes this entry slower and therefore influences insulin production and fat production, in both cases slowing down processes.

On the other hand we also find very little fat and carbohydrates, which is in combination with all of the above. If we add the presence of antioxidants, magnesium, zinc and an effect associated with strengthening the defense systems of the body, we are certainly a food with a very great potential … although it has some buts.

In fact the main problem is that it is not suitable for celiacs, it is not possible to use it for gluten intolerant because, as we have indicated, it is still wheat regardless of the time of its harvest.

An interesting product certainly, but certainly not a miracle product and nothing suitable as we have seen for celiac.

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