Healthy Snacks For Children In Summer

Healthy Snacks For Children In Summer

When summer arrives the children ask to spend much more time in the street, enjoying the good weather while playing with friends, be it in a park, in a swimming pool or simply in the garden of home. This makes the snacks become a daily picnic that should be both safe and healthy for the little ones. In today’s article, we will not only look at ideas to create rich and healthy snacks, but we will also know the most important precautions we must take when giving children snacks in the summer.

Healthy snacks for children in summer

The mini sandwiches are always a very valid, easy and quick to prepare option. We can make turkey breast with cheese, York ham with lettuce and tomato, tuna and grated tomato and for dessert with cacao cream are delicious. The advantage of this type of snacks is that we can prepare them in advance, even the day before, and keep them in the refrigerator until it is time to give the snack to the little ones.

But there are other options, such as a pasta salad, which can be made quickly and we can even prepare it ahead of the sandwiches, even two days before. The pasta accepts a lot of ingredients, from ham York, tuna, turkey breast, tomato, olives, lettuce, etc., and is one of the healthiest snacks we can give our children. It contains carbohydrates so they have energy and vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy and strong.

Healthy Snacks For Children In SummerSummer is an inexhaustible source of fresh, healthy and tasty fruits, which facilitates the choice of dessert or the fruit supplement for the snack. Kids love fresh melon and watermelon during the summer. In this case the preparation will not be as far in advance as the previous snacks. With the fruit we must be more cautious and prepare it just at the moment of giving the child the snack. We should not forget that vitamins tend to oxidize when we cut the fruit and also may appear abnormal colorings if we peel them and cut well in advance.

Regardless of the combination we choose for the snack, whether sandwiches, pasta salad or just fresh fruit, we must never forget the water. Children, like the elderly, have a tendency to become dehydrated. In addition, the mechanism of thirst, which in adults is fully developed, in children does not work 100%. That is why we should not neglect the water bottle at summer snacks as children will need more water than usual.

But not only must we pay attention to the nutritional quality of snacks, we must also be very cautious with the hygienic quality when preparing to serve and consume the foods we give to the little ones. That is why children, as a basic measure, should wash their hands before snacking on summer evenings.

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