The psychologist of the therapist is different?


In recent years the fashion for professionals such as a psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist has increased many times over. Their popularity today began at the peak. But sometimes it is very difficult to understand and to understand to what expert we have listed above should go and what the scope of work of each of them.

psychologist-of-the-therapistHealth Blog you will try to briefly explain, not to go into the extra and unnecessary demagoguery. If very briefly say what is the psychology of the humanities, and hence psychology students in the learning process are studying longer humanities, specialized subjects is in the field of psychology, and only a little bit considering scientific, treatment of mental illness. So a psychologist, not having medical education, as a rule, are not allowed to assign their patients drugs.

Perhaps one of the most controversial specialties is psychotherapy, ie, doctor – psychotherapist. International experience is based, that the therapist closer to the psychologist-psychotherapist. So the way to the right to officially be called a psychotherapist, is reserved for a specialist – a psychiatrist, held an additional specialization linked to psychotherapy and obtain a certificate which proves that he is a psychotherapist. But in any case, the therapist already has the right to prescribe medication to their patients and to use them for medicinal purposes.

In the area of ​​the problems that these experts are working, they largely overlap. For example, if you have family problems, problems with children’s education, there are questions about ways to survive the traumatic situation, successfully and quickly adapt to new environments, overcome fears, and so on, you can use the services, as a psychologist and psychotherapist. But when it comes to complicated border psychological problems requiring medical intervention, then do not do without the therapist.

But in any case, if there is still a need for the services of doctors of this specialization it is very important to find a highly responsive and professional – a doctor, who can trust completely and in every way.

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