The cheapest way to lose weight

lose weight

It’s no secret that the majority of diets that effectively compete with unnecessary pounds is very expensive and not everyone can afford. Although there are really high, and thus the available weight-loss methods.

This list in the first place, according to nutritionists, be a water diet. Studies have shown those who drink every day before eating 2 cups of water, losing more than two kilos of weight than those who did not drink.

Professor Brenda Davy of Virginia Tech (USA), based on the results of the research, said that the water is able to help a person to “suppress” the feeling of hunger, thereby reducing caloric intake. Reinforces these findings conducted another study showed that people who increased their water intake during dieting, lost more weight than those who drank less than a day one liter of liquid.

 lose weightAs you know, we need a day to drink 2.5 liters. and the amount of fluid which may originate from water, food, and other beverages. Also noteworthy is the fact that those who drink water instead of carbonated soft drinks is more likely not to make diabetes. Especially as insufficient water leads to the formation of kidney stones.

Grapes works wonders

Recipe grape diet you can read here . And now let’s talk about his miraculous abilities. Regardless of taste and grape colors most appreciated being in force therein.

Grapes in cosmetics creates miracles. It turns out that it affects to perfection on our health and acts dramatically on beauty. It has long been the grapes used for cosmetic purposes, as a component toners, masks, cleansing milk and creams.

Grape hood is intensively firming, moisturizing, smoothing, enhancing protection and nourishing the skin effect. Due to vitamin C, and flavonoids, grapes are also an important component of creams from aging.

Here are some home recipes tools with grape skin care.

Grape Moisturizing Mask

Several grape berries well wash and we press. Clear the face and applied to the skin resulting slurry, keeping 15 minutes. Cotton swab and remove all wash skin tonic.

Nutritional yolk – grape mask

Rub the yolk of an egg with a spoonful of cottage cheese, add 1ch.l. grape seed oil and all mix. Cleanses the skin and apply the resulting mask for 20 minutes and wash off with cool water.

Grape Moisturizing Cream Mask

Take a couple of teaspoons of grape juice and mix it with 2ch.l. fat cream. Cleanses the skin and apply the resulting mask for 20 mine, wash cosmetic milk.

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