Symptoms of low testosterone


Typically, testosterone begins to decrease with age, but this is too low hormone levels can affect heavily on men’s health. What is testosterone? Testosterone – the hormone that makes a man a man a substance, which is why maintaining the level of this substance at maturity helps men to strengthen bones and muscles, the voice makes the rough, and increases sexual desire.

That is why it is so important to know the signs, when testosterone levels fall to seek timely medical attention and to restore health and normal life.

low-testosteroneHow and when the physiological decrease in testosterone is going on?

In male physiological decrease in hormone level begins after 40. The decrease is slow and in a year is about 1 – 2%. By the way, the older men are able to feel it slide, though a small percentage, regardless of age, testosterone is normal.

Whether treatment is necessary at low testosterone?

As urologists believe if men do not have any – or if symptoms persist, the fall of this substance, there is no need at all to check testosterone. However, there is no evidence that treatment can give the result, if there is no pronounced symptoms. But if the symptoms are pronounced, then it is necessary to hold the appropriate treatment.

Low testosterone levels – what is it?

Less 300 ng / dl is considered low blood testosterone levels in the body.

low-level symptoms are:

  • fatigue;
  • weak libido;
  • mood swings;
  • erectile disfunction;
  • sleep disturbance.

There is a true category of men, low levels they do not manifest symptoms, but the men themselves suggest that their sexual desire dropped.

Effect of low-level health

Generally low levels of this substance with diabetes, obesity, depression and cardiovascular disease. The truth is not clear yet what the specific impact of the low level of testosterone is having on the development of these diseases. The more that someone – that of the doctors still believe that these diseases (hypertension, diabetes) may still be the cause of low testosterone. Since it is known that this hormone enhances bone and lowering substance in the male bone thins, causing osteoporosis.

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