Magic words in communicating with children

Magic words

Every child wants and needs to get over and over again by their parents positive “messages”. We offer you parents know what words should be used when communicating with children.

“I love you”

The kid must believe that he is loved for its own sake, and therefore can not be the feeling associated with what – that conditions such as “Take first room,” or the fact that he does – “You lied to me, and I do not love you anymore” . The child will understand, if you just tell him, “We love you, but not beat a good little brother.”

Magic words“We are pleased that you are here”

Kids believe that the world they move, make that happened that – that. They believe that it is they wish the sun rises, they also believe that the responsibility for everything, even a quarrel in the family, accidents, and other family concerns. Therefore, confidence is important to the child that parents are happy, because it they   eat.

“I understand you”

Afraid of the dark, he lost his beloved teddy bear, cast another – it’s a great grief for the baby, and he needed in such cases in the comfort and sympathy. Such efforts as “Ghosts do not happen”, “It’s just a toy”, “Other comrades will find” – incomprehensible to the child. After all, they are from the adult world are based on experience, that the baby yet.

“You can do it”

No failures, no study did not do, and parents immediately run up to the kid. It is necessary that the child has become adapted to the adult world, they have to learn on their own to find solutions to their problems. Needless to say – “Let me do it myself all”, and encourage better in the case of failure of the baby – “Once more try, you will do it, I believe in you.” Such words would lift his spirits, give moral support. Believe me, unhappy child just happens if you become permanently undermine his faith and say, “What do you get from it is not clear.”

“You are strong”

Children should be encouraged even when parents perceive the relationship as that – that for granted. Little will inspire such words as: “We are proud of you”, “well done”, “We knew that you could.” But do not put labels such as “deadhead”, “crybaby” and the other, they can permanently undermine a child’s self-confidence.

“I trust you”

There are kids quiet, and there is a great fervor, who are trying to prove it, to get confidence. Only the feeling and knowing that they are trusted, kids can be to other trust. If you are constantly in a child doubt: “From you exactly no sense”, “Do not you know that you …” “You can not do …” – after all, the baby closes hurt confidence and feel abandoned and incomprehensible.

“We are always there”

Much helps the child overcome that – or the knowledge that parents always come to the rescue. It does not always have the option to postpone all day and only deal with the baby. But you can comfort him: I wonder. I will finish the work right now, and you tell me everything. ” It would be much easier to understand the child than if you tell him. “I can not right now”

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