How to lose weight with ginger?


Ginger is the eastern searing spiciness, which has unique healing properties and elements such as iron, vitamins C, A, B2, B1, calcium, magnesium, niacin, sodium and amino acids. Ginger is not only useful for enhancing the immune system and the prevention of acute respiratory infections, but also as a means of losing weight.

Ginger slimming tea

As a rule, the ginger in most cases is used as a slimming tea that you want to drink all day. Here are some useful recipes slimming tea from ginger, which helps to lose weight. The basis of the recipe include: ginger root , which should be well washed. Then we need to grate it on a small grater. You should have 2st.l. grated ginger. In a saucepan add grated ginger in 60ml. lemon juice, honey to taste and pour a liter of boiling water. Infuse for one hour. You can drink.

gingerAs ginger slimming tea to take?

When you first started to use this method then you have a day to drink at 0,5st. this tea. Later drunk tea for weight loss of ginger should total the amount increased to 2 liters. For those who have a large weight then you can make tea for weight loss of ginger stronger.

Ginger and garlic with extra pounds

This tea recipe in itself except ginger and garlic requires, which has the same properties as ginger root. Due to the burning taste of garlic components accelerates metabolism very well.

To prepare two liters of ginger – garlic tea for weight loss need: 4cm. ginger root, and two heads of garlic. Ginger is well washed and sliced ​​thinly as chips, garlic finely chopped. The resulting mixture is poured boiling water. Insist about an hour, filter and take.

Slimming ginger can be taken not only as a tea. If you have planned discharge date, then you should prepare a salad with this spice. This will require a fresh ginger root, one part celery, orange peel, two parts lemon, two parts sugar beet case, the new oven and three pieces of carrot. All products are finely chopped, dressed with vegetable oil without salt. Bon Appetit!


These methods are good because they are not fast-creating body problem. The result here can be seen only after a couple of months, and then only with the condition that the weight loss ginger tea taken daily. Practice shows that taking this tea all year round you can without causing any health your body to throw a few tens of kilograms. For greater effect is to eliminate sugary and fatty foods from your diet.

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