How to freshen up your face and make the perfect lips?

make the perfect lips

Every woman dreams that her face was always fresh, the skin smooth and radiant health, and his lips are so perfect that men go crazy over them. Health Blog offers a fine half of mankind are some tips for achieving these goals.

How to freshen up your face?

Here, as always nothing like the popular method is not. To do this, you will need to take a teaspoon with jasmine flowers, if you can not find them, then apply the green tea with jasmine.

make the perfect lipsAll brew a cup of boiling water, cover and saucer faience. In no case can not be used in cosmetics, plastic and metal utensils. After the infusion of the present 15 minutes, cool it and add a teaspoon of honey is completely dissolved it.

Clean the skin. Take a clean linen cloth, soak it in a solution prepared miraculous, and then put it on the face. Soak 20 minutes, so in a relaxed state, dreaming and thinking of something pleasant, for example, that you are lying on a flower meadow.

Remove the fabric. It is not necessary to wash the face. Look in the mirror, and you will be surprised very pleased at his reflection.

But if you do not have time then there is a way and a quick … To do this, cooked jasmine-honey extract ten times to wash, of course, with the face should be cleaned, wash your face with palms in small portions. And in the end on the inner corners of your eyes click nameless fingers four times. This method was used by the ancient geisha, when want to have their eyes shone with light, and his face shone.

Secrets of the perfect lip

Every year, with every new season fashionable lipstick colors are constantly changing. Also, their appearance and preferences change: transparent, matte, glossy, and other shades of lipstick.

Get to know some simple techniques that will help you convert, such as a matte lipstick in shiny, easy to wash off – in a solid and tight – in the clear:

– For chapped lips good fit beige or light-brown lipstick and nourishing cream;

– Lips and juicy relief would look if applied lipstick in the middle of the lips slightly shiny powder;

– Matte lipstick can be transparent if it is first mixed with a fat cream, and then applied to the lips with a brush;

– If you put on the painted lips lipstick shade for a century, it will become stronger. In order to enhance the color of the lips, it is necessary to use a light-brown shade;

– After lips, apply powder on top and then her lips no longer shine, the color can be adjusted using a brown or dark-pink powder.

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