How to cheer yourself up in the autumn?


In the autumn, when it is over it is time to leave, around it rains, cloudy sky, the sun is not to become so sad that sometimes it would be desirable to howl like a wolf. But once we stress before the New Year holidays in 2017 we do not need.

But as always a way out can be found, there are some simple and yet effective ways that can lift our mood. It is natural that much here depends on the reasons that you have created a bad mood, but also on how you want to relax: alone or with family and close friends.

In any case, you can try one of the ideas that the Health Blog offers below, of course, depending on the location of your spirit.

autumnSo, in the fall to cheer yourself up, our advice!

– Make yourself a gift in the form of a walk or go to the forest or the river for a picnic with the family, friends, colleagues.

– Listen to your favorite music and just enough parachutes, dance and bawl songs.

– Lovers of sports and active way is perfect for hiking or a short-term training.

– Take a soothing aromatic bath with a glass of champagne or go to the bath or sauna with friends and beer Taranka. Water treatments “washed” in the truest sense of fatigue and bad mood.

– Pick a good fun movie that has long been planned to look at. Let it become your company for the evening.

– Maybe there is a book to read, and the time you did not have to do this? Well it’s time to give yourself in this fun, get it, is located back and immerse yourself in reading a magical adventure world.

– Take a piece of paper and write on it, “Here in a bad mood” and then remove it in the freezer, then take the airplane out of it and release the window, or may be buried, ie simply discard in the literal sense of a bad mood. magic does not hurt a bit.

– If you have a hobby, you surrender completely into his arms, change of activity is very good mood lift.

– Visit the theater, or what may be the concert.

– Be a rebel and arrange a surprise party with friends.

– Maybe you lies a great chef? Then it’s time to experiment in the kitchen to create their personal masterpieces. All the more so as themselves to calm down and will rejoice native tasty dish.

I agree that the above ideas are very simple. You, of course, you can use any of favorite tips, and you can combine them and: listen to your favorite music with friends on a picnic to dance, cook – something tasty and a great filmets all eat. Or maybe just that – that my personal come up, the main thing that helped. But if you still haunts blues and nothing helps, then it would be time to think about the factors that constantly affect you negatively, and therefore short-term methods have there can not do, and it is necessary to visit a doctor.

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