Feet per million

Women think that high heels can make them higher and more attractive. Of course, here there is a bit of truth, but it is slim legs can make a woman visually proportionate and above. Especially as only healthy legs are able to “make friends” with beautiful sexy studs.

Health Blog offers ladies a few exercises to get the beauty and harmony of the legs.

We have to do a few movements: as a dancer pull the stop, then return it to its original position. Drop to the floor and your toes handkerchief try to grab it and lift up.

Climb and descend up to 50 times on tiptoe. Then rotate the feet a few times – and on the other hand clockwise.

it is necessary to pedal for prevention of varicose veins. To do this, even a virtual bike will do. Do the movement with force, does strained calf muscles and thighs.

Lie on your side and lift as high as possible with both feet. This will enable the correct inner and outer thighs.

To cleanse the feet is very effective massage with soap and scrub sponges. Moreover, it helps to improve blood circulation is good, not giving so stay cellulite on the thighs. Soap – skrabovye massage softens the rough skin of the lower leg and knees. Also it is necessary to rub the soles of the feet with a pumice stone. A rough sawing process the skin around the nails.

Do not try to immediately remove corns. If you sign every 4-5 days to polish the skin and soften the skin daily. So after a couple of weeks corns disappear.

On foot skin cream should be applied massage movements. So will increase the elasticity of the walls of capillaries and blood circulation improves. But do not get too carried away and too vigorously kneading the skin.

And most importantly we must remember that the legs, which are already “decorated” varicose veins do not like very much: wraps and hot tubs, water for them to be no more than 35 degrees, the physical heavy load as aerobics and shaping, as well as the use of cosmetic products with the warming effect .

If you will stick to our simple rules, you can get a beautiful, slender legs and very charming.

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