Autumn nail care

Autumn nail care

With the onset of autumn all our body needs extra nourishment, preparing for winter and nails is no exception. Very often on our hands and nails forming the first impression people have of someone else.

In the autumn of nail care has its own peculiarities. On the appearance of hands affects the onset of cold weather is not the best way: the skin is shelled, nails – exfoliate.But in order to avoid these troubles it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive hand care in general: skin, nails, cuticles.

Autumn nail careNails should be in the autumn to feed heavily. Hands grease nourishing cream at least three times a day, apply it necessarily on the cuticles and nail beds. Make a regular manicure. Certainly it is necessary to push back cuticles with a wooden stick without effort, because nail growth area at its base should always be to “breathe”. If the cuticle will grow, it will worsen the food nail plates, and thus slow down their growth.

It should be done regularly strengthens the nail baths of various components. On the appearance of the nail plate positively affect sea salt and vegetable oils: sunflower, corn, olive. In warm water bath must little oil, adding a few drops of vitamin A, then the resulting mixture to lower their fingertips supported there for 15 minutes. It is necessary to carry out this procedure before going to bed, because the mixture is not necessary to wash and wear fabric gloves to prolong the effect of a mixture of a little longer. These trays should be done within a week, and a month later to repeat the course.

On the nails has a strengthening effect and natural lemon juice. Often it is used with salt, if not the sea, then the suit and the usual cooking. Mix the ingredients, make a uniform slurry, which must be applied to the nails, supporting 20 minutes, then rinse it. You can also lubricate the nails with lemon juice. The same effect has the juice from the apple cider vinegar and viburnum.

Finally, to make the nails smooth, strong and brilliant autumn will help the essential oils. In this respect particularly effective rose oil: it is necessary to rub it gently into your nails and cuticles. If you regularly use it to quickly and efficiently deal with the autumn stratification and brittle nails, as well as to accelerate their growth.

Protect and strengthen your nails from the autumn chill to help also a popular salon treatment – “sealing” of the nail plate is applied in layers protective balms and creams are nutritious.

In the autumn cold weather leaving the house it is necessary to wear warm gloves. Timely and will receive vitamins and minerals: usually it is the fall of the body lacks nutrients, and it is bad for the skin, hair and nails. You should also protect your hands during household work, especially when using household chemicals using rubber gloves and special creams.

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